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Michael Bierut's Creative Achievements Keynote is Insightful

 - May 25, 2014
References: designobserver & vimeo
Sharing with the audience the philosophies steering his career since 1982, Michael Bierut shares five secrets he's learned by going through 86 notebooks in his creative achievement keynote.

In his talk, the renowned and long-time successful graphic designer opens up to the audience telling them that he doesn't believe he is creative in the general meaning of the word -- "I became a designer because I wanted people to come to me with problems I could solves," he says.

After going through every single notebook he's kept since the start of his career, Bierut walks us through five simple tips in his creative achievement keynote he believes will make us more productive and get things done -- listen first then design, don't avoid the obvious, the problem contains the solution, indulge your obsessions and love is the answer.