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Courtney Spence Illustrates The Importance of Being Succinct

 - Jan 19, 2012
Non-profit founder and executive Courtney Spence illustrates the importance of succinct stories, explaining how concise statements make the greatest impact. Spence examines present society's lack of patience, explaining individuals' limited time frame and low attention span. Social media's prevalence has turned communicating into texting and tweeting and films into short length videos.

The executive stresses the importance of being succinct when aiming to create a powerful impact on an audience. When it comes to organizations, one compelling story is more effective then a multitude of important ones. She believes that stories must be distilled to illustrate where a change is taking place.

Being concise is fundamental in today's online-obsessed world. Courtney Spence believes that media has to be emotionally compelling enough to illicit action when aiming to create a greater impact and that emotional stories illustrate the power of an organization.