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Courtney Spence Examines How Self Truth Brings Out an Individual's Best

 - Jan 22, 2012
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Non-profit founder and executive Courtney Spence explains how being true to oneself brings out an individual's personal best. Spence describes herself as a highly emotional individual, reacting to her surrounding environment, moods and influences. She names honesty and trust as the two most important factors when expressing one's true self.

She tells a compelling story of the difficult times in her past, recalling how a lack of honesty and trust lead to discomfort. This lead Spence to hold back her true self, preventing her from doing her personal best at work. She encourages people to gain comfort in expressing their true selves, calling this the only way one can achieve their personal best.

Courtney Spence describes how having a good support system allows for the trust, honesty and self-truth needed to be the best one can be.