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Ashraf Ghani Talks Reconstructing Countries in His Country Rebuilding Speech

 - Jun 2, 2013
References: ted & youtube
To constitute rebuilding a country several facets of security, government, and capital must be taken into account, but it must be managed in a fashion that doesn't replicate previous systems of governance and that's what Ashraf Ghani discusses in his country rebuilding speech.

Democracy and capitalism are facets of governance, which most countries fall under, but for some countries, the only form of leadership that citizens experience are repressive government regimes according to Ghani. For the world to be able to establish a progressive stance, small facets of exclusions need to be eliminated.

The political and economical stability of the world requires to be resolved for progress to occur and continue, which makes it necessary for the inclusion of developing countries in matters concerning progression of states. Fueling developing countries with money will aid in its development, because money in developing countries is just considered for spending and doesn't posses the managerial stability that most countries require.