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Jill Greenberg Delivers a Controversy Keynote

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: jillgreenberg & vimeo
Photographer Jill Greenberg empowers audiences to push boundaries in this controversy keynote. After creating a series of crying children portraits, Greenberg found herself in the middle of a controversial debate and discusses the aftermath. Surprisingly, Greenberg states, "what's interesting about controversy is that it gets your pictures out there." Believing that there is value in pushing the envelope, Greenberg shows how her work as a commercial artist shooting John McCain then resulted in the appropriating of the photographs by "the artist" Jill Greenberg in order to make a statement.

Greenberg expresses her belief that every artist must face their limits and make a personal decision on how far they are willing to "push it." By believing fear is the antithesis of creativity, Greenberg points out that an artist must be open to possibilities and share their work with the world.