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Peter Rojas Explains Why We Have too Much in this Content Overload Keynote

 - Aug 21, 2012
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"No, I’m Good" is the sarcastic sentiment of Peter Rojas, co-founder of technology blogs Gizmodo and Engadget, in this content overload keynote. Speaking at the time of the SOPA debate, Rojas states that maybe people have enough media to satisfy them. Some of the promoters of SOPA believe that if they do not stop online piracy, then people will no longer have the incentive to create movies, art or music. To this, Rojas raises the question, "would that be a bad thing?"

Using the worst-case scenario, Rojas argues that on some level, people will be okay because there is a big enough back catalog of content to choose from. Society has moved from a scarcity of media to abundance; there is so much to consume that it is overwhelming.

This content overload keynote has Rojas teaching viewers that piracy is not killing any media industries.