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Martin Lindstrom's Consumer Insight Keynote Shares Buyer Insight

 - Oct 16, 2014
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Award-winning Danish author Martin Lindstrom's consumer insight keynote shares ways that companies and businesses can think in the mindset of the buyers to better understand the needs of their shoppers.

Lindstrom often investigates the reasons why consumers are socially influenced to purchase goods the way they do. In this presentation, Lindstrom touches on the themes featured in many of his novels that explore how the consumer thinks and acts specifically in regards to irrationality. Lindstrom suggests that brands ask themselves, "what is the irrational behavior that your consumer has?" This will provide brands with key insight to what products and services their consumers want and feel they need. One example Lindstrom gives is Proctor and Gamble's creation of a detergent pen for consumers that are worried a small stain will ruin the aesthetic appeal of an entire outfit.