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Tiffany White's Consumer Connections Keynote Shares Bold Implications

 - Jul 10, 2012
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Consumer psychologist Tiffany White explores how a brand's performance can positively and negatively affect the self-esteem and overall happiness of a consumer in this consumer connections keynote. She introduces the concept of self-brand connections and defines them as connections consumers form with brands that they perceive as useful when reflecting on who they are.

White has focused her research on the implications of this. She has found a positive correlation between a brand's performance and the mood and self-esteem of a consumer who strongly identifies with that brand. As a result, consumers often engage in counter-intuitive and often counterproductive behaviors to restore their self-esteem and perception of self-worth after a brand performs poorly.

Alternatively, when a brand is performing strongly, consumers may be more willing to give back to others such as a charity or non-profit organization.

White's consumer connections keynote offers surprising evidence and information that demonstrate how entrenched consumers are becoming with brands and the identities they create in the market today.