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Lian Pin Koh's Conservation Drones Keynote Sheds a Positive Light on Drones

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: lianpinkoh & youtube
Using technology to combat the devastating issue of animal poaching and to help protect the world's forests and wildlife, drone creator and conservation ecologist Lian Pin Koh makes a persuasive case in support of drones in his conservation drones keynote.

Explaining how these autonomous and affordable flying vehicles can help stop poachers from killing wildlife like rhinos, elephants and tigers, Koh and his partner have created a low-cost drone that is able to aerially scan huge spaces via thermal imaging.

Believing that this is the future of conservation efforts, Koh makes some valid points in his conservation drones keynote in which he referenced the success of Nepal's efforts combating wildlife crime and monitoring the health of animals and rain forests in their natural habitat.