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Dan Dennett’s Consciousness Keynote Exposes Tricks Minds

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: youtube
American Philosophy professor Dr. Dan Dennett uses science, magic and art to help humans understand their own brains and its deceptive functions in his consciousness keynote.

The body contains "over 100 trillion little cellular robots," Dr. Dennett says, all of which are unconscious beings. Thus, how can humans, being comprised of trillions of unconscious cells be conscious? Dr. Dennett uses science, magic and art to explain how the brain, which many are still mystified by, tends to play tricks on people, creating the illusion that people are more aware than they actually are.

Eyes are in constant movement, darting from faces to shoes to nature and buildings, gazing at all that attracts them. Being unable to see the forest for the trees, people’s minds tend to miss out on the larger, more dramatic details, as Dr. Dennett points out in his experiment. The professor does not use optical illusions. Instead, he uses simply paintings to demonstrate how the mind automatically draws a conclusion, "inflating what [people] think they saw" when in actuality, it was never there.