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Clay Johnson Warns About Content in This Conscious Consumption Keynote

 - Aug 17, 2012
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Author of 'The Information Diet' Clay Johnson creates a parallel between obesity and media throughout this conscious consumption keynote. Johnson explains that, "agriculture's relationship to obesity has a lot to do with media's relationship with ignorance." By stating this he is saying that people are looking for cheap popular content. To further the analogy, Johnson states how people will choose pizza because it tastes better than broccoli in the same way that opinion tastes better than news.

More than anything else, people want to be right and affirmed, which is why nobody is searching for high quality investigative reporting, but instead sensationalized entertainment. Companies such as AOL make its editorial decisions by using search data and SEO to find what people are searching to make the most popular content. Johnson questions what this does to America.

The world is now living in information abundance and that is changing our relationship with news and content.