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Walter Isaacson's Connective Tech Talk Explores New Media

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: youtube
Biographer Walter Isaacson's connective tech talk explores how collaborative technology creates hundreds of new communities that bring people from a wide variety of backgrounds together. This is done through new interactive ways that are powered by the crowd as oppose to a single individual.

Isaacson begins his talk by expressing whenever there is a new technological development, humans find a way to surround it with some sort of community interaction. For example, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter or AOL are all revolutionary technological feats that have sparked a slew of social networks around them. Isaacson also looks to the future sensing that new technology such as oculus rift and virtual reality will make interactive role play that much more accessible and collaborative. According to Isaacson this is because "...Our digital tools sort of grab us and say, 'Let's make digital communities'."