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Chris de Waal's Community Talk Encourages People to Think Beyond Themselves

 - Sep 17, 2014
In his community talk, Chris de Waal discusses the importance of sacrificing yourself for the needs of others. His point of view is shaped by his experience of being a farmer and butcher and the circumstances surrounding this life change. He notes that in North America individualism is rampant and this is a problem that must be addressed if we are going to change the world.

The community talk explains how people live within their own small groups formed to fit their tastes. When people become isolated and are only aware of perspectives similar to their own, their worldview isn't challenged or broadened and as a result empathy starts to break down. People care less about the world around them and stop recognizing needs that aren't their own.

While it is difficult to build community, as it challenges people to think differently, its benefits far outweigh what it requires. The speaker encourages the audience to eat together, fight for community and stop putting themselves first.