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Ginni Rometty Offers Tips for Smarter Cities in her City Keynote

 - Oct 5, 2012
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Ginni Rometty, the new CEO for IBM, discusses the most effective ways for the city of Rio to transform its urban development in this city keynote. According to Rometty, information is the world's next most important natural resource -- it is not scarce and it certainly cannot be limited. In the world today, the middle class is made up of 1.8 billion and by 2030, that number will reach five billion.

To cope and manage this growth from the perspective of the economy, health care and different governments, cities will have to "co-petate." "Co-opetation" is the term used by Rometty to describe the collaboration and competition between growing cities. She believes that competing with another city is easy, and the real challenge will lie in being able to work together, while also pushing the other to succeed.

This city keynote from Ginny Rometty comes at an interesting time as she steps into her new role as the CEO of the 100-year-old IBM.