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Perparim Rama's Cities Talk Compares Confident People to Innovative Cities

 - Jun 13, 2014
In his cities talk, Perparim Rama posits we are all unique and building confidence is the basis for innovation. He explains confidence is not about arrogance, it's about not harshly comparing yourself to others or looking down at people. He believes if people project true signals, they receive true feedback in return. So to be true is to be confident and know ourselves, our surroundings and cities.

From here the speaker draws a parallel between the self and the city. The cities talk says diving deep is necessary in order to understand structures and build, because the depth supports the surface results. To Rama, a city is a representation of our social consciousness. This depth, therefore, suggests it's about falling, not building. It is about building structures that help people fall into happy, functional systems and realities. Since cities and the people that live in them are intertwined, it is important that people give to the city, because we get back what we give.