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Jonathon Keats' Childhood Talk Explores How To Shift Our Perspective

 - Jan 24, 2015
References: youtube
Jonathon Keats' childhood talk reminds audiences that it's okay to revert back to a kid-like state of innocence and wonder because it helps us work out new approaches to problem solving. This is ideal for allowing the mind to expand and ask new questions about the world around us.

According to Keats, our childhood was time of growth where asking what might be perceived now as immature and naive questions was acceptable. As we grew older, occupying a space of naivety became frowned upon and a sign of immaturity. Keats argues that allowing oneself to ask naive questions every once in awhile can be a great way to see and approach problems from new perspectives with outlandish, but potentially useful, solutions. "We can can still, for own sake, the back of our mind ask those sorts of questions and let them play out," Keats says. "We can fully develop them."