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Debra Jarvis' Cancer Talk Inspires Us Not Let Our Struggles Shape Us

 - Oct 31, 2014
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Debra Jarvis' cancer talk is an emotionally captivating speech that encourages everyone to not let their lives be defined by the traumas they've endured. Jarvis herself is a breast cancer surviver and during this keynote she shares how she stopped defining herself as a cancer survivor.

Often times when facing a personal struggle we tend to define ourselves by the agony we feel. Jarvis realized this in her battle with breast cancer. "I don't have to take on cancer survivor as my identity," she says, "but boy are there powerful forces pushing me to do just that." One way to move past this is to own going through these tough trials and see them as learning experiences rather than defining moments. After all, we choose how to define these moments -- not the other way around.