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Barbara Corcoran's Business Talk Explains How to Get the Most for Your Money

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: youtube
Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran has a strong understanding of making investment deals happen, and in her business talk she shares ways owners can increase the value of their company by building a strong brand.

While a company's sales are a strong deciding factor when it comes to a company's worth, having an influential brand can double -- even triple -- the value. According to Corcoran, having a third party endorsement is a bonafide way to add meaning to your brand name. Another tip Corcoran shares is to create a grandstanding feature about your company and blowing it up. Back in beginning of her company Corcoran took 100 dogs to Central Park in New York City to teach them herself how to shake hands to address the strict rules about co-ops and pets.

The most important takeaway Corcoran shares is to embrace the power of the Internet no matter your company's size. "The good news is that the little guys are as powerful as the big guys starting out," Corcoran says, "because it's a level playing field."