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Don Tapscott Breaks Down the Future in this Business Revolution Keynote

 - Aug 3, 2012
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This business revolution keynote presented by Don Tapscott to the graduating class of INSEAD's business school reflects his belief in the new era currently being ushered into the world. As the industrial age runs out of gas, the world is encountering problems that do not fall within the paradigm of traditional thinking. Conventional institutions of business, government and society must undergo a renewal and rebirth if they are to serve today's populations in an effective and sustainable manner.

Business and financial models are evidently outdated, as is witnessed in the various economic disasters plaguing different parts of the world and it is time for new institutions to emerge.

Tapscott's business revolution emphasizes the potential of today's younger generation to transform the world. He believes that the generation to which the graduating class belongs has the tools and intelligence required to transform today's chaos and uncertainties into new institutions, capable of creating a sustainable and prosperous future.