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This Brooke Betts Farrell Keynote Offers a Waste Managment Solution

 - May 20, 2012
References: recyclematch & youtube
An important ideological shift in achieving change is presented in this Brooke Betts Farrell keynote.

The CEO and founder of RecycleMatch states that it is not about wanting to change the world, but rather, changing the way that society looks at the world. She discusses the massive amount of waste that is accumulated on Earth by providing a rather staggering statistic: transporting all of the waste currently in landfills would require the use of enough trucks to wrap around the equator 600 times.

Describing a landfill site as "the place resources go to die," the speaker suggests remembering the old adage that one person's trash is another's treasure. By connecting those who have valuable waste product with those who require it, the opportunity exists to not only recycle goods and reduce the size of landfills, but to also make a profit while doing so.