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This Brand Rejuvenation Keynote by Dan Lyons Explores Apple's Comeback

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: realdanlyons & youtu.be
Technology speaker and journalist Dan Lyons discusses the downfall of Apple and its revival when Jobs came back in 1996 in this brand rejuvenation keynote. Despite the fact that Jobs knew very little about coding or programming, he was still the individual who came up with the idea to create a very simple computer that ordinary people could use. This was in 1976 when computing was a very foreign idea, so it was an enormous idea with significant implications.

Jobs was fired in 1985 because of his poor management skills. During the eleven-year period between then and 1996 when he was asked to return as the company's CEO, Apple fell apart, experiencing its lowest sales in history and botched products. Jobs agreed to come back on the condition that he had full control. He informed the employees working there that they could either agree to do things his way or leave. his ruthlessness, coupled with his vision and charisma revived the company.