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Robin Chase’s Brand Identity Keynote Explores Extraordinary Ideas

 - Dec 21, 2012
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As more peer-to-peer businesses are emerging online, founder of Zipcar Robin Chase discusses the importance of shared values and brand promises in her brand identity keynote.

In what Chase calls Peers Inc., a system whereby a platform for participation is created to support each other and do what others cannot do. An essential part of the system is to explore the shared values between the business and the consumer and create a brand promise that the community, large or small, will identify with. For Zipcar, Chase’s initiative was to create an eco-friendly, commitment-free, but convenient method of travel for people who don’t have cars. For Etsy, she explains, it’s a platform where artists can create and sell handmade items to those who appreciate the workmanship.

Building a platform for participation is not as simple as one may imagine. In the founder’s recent project Buzzcar, which runs similar to Zipcar but connects friends and neighbors, Chase reminds people that extraordinary innovations are a communal effort and with Peers Inc., the "Wow Factor" is exponentially larger than traditional companies due to the large-scale collaborations within these communities.