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Amelia Torode's Brand Experience Presentation Explores Emotion and Neurology

 - May 10, 2014
In her brand experience presentation, Amelia Torode discusses the magic of branding and how it impacts the human brain. The Good Relations Group Director of Strategy and ex-Chair of the IPA Strategy Group speaks to how expectations can change experiences. She cites examples of how something can taste better on holiday or how the same product can have opposite results in different people.

The brand experience presentation also explores the sentimental side of branding and how identity is strongly rooted in emotional cultural constructs. The speaker states branding makes products work harder. This influences the world of medicine as well, and how packaging can determine the effectiveness of treatment.

While the power of branding can be used to sell more products, it can also be used for good. The baby carrot challenge encouraged people to eat healthy when a firm branded them like junk food.