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Derek Cabrera's Brain Process Speech Outlines Teaching Solutions

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: thinkworks & youtube
Derek Cabrera's brain process speech introduces the idea that too many people today -- particularly young people and students -- are dependent on instructions. Students can perform exceptionally well on tests, but when it comes to an unstructured assignment, they are unable to navigate themselves through the process.

The founder and President of 'Thinkworks,' believes that students are becoming "too good" at school, but are not particularly prepared for real life and work outside the classroom. CEOs complain that first-time applicants out of school simply are not prepared for the real world, and he believes it is because they are lacking the ability to think critically.

Cabrera believes that teachers and classrooms need to dismiss the belief that the more knowledge one possesses, the smarter they will be. The brain process speech clearly disagrees with this and introduces four universal thinking lessons that need to be taught in school: distinction, parts of systems, relationships/connections and perspectives.

The ability to critically think cannot be taught from a text book but through experience.