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Martin Hilbert's Big Data Presentation Envisions Unprecedented Change

 - Jan 14, 2015
In his big data presentation, Martin Hilbrand discusses how big data needs big visions to make a big impact. The speaker asks if there is a limit to the power of data in terms of incredible computation powers and looking for patterns. While this computation can turn data into knowledge about ourselves, he states analytics alone will not dominate the future world.

Even though big data gives us the ability to convert social studies into real social science, all data is technically from the past, which means it can only tell you what has already happened. This is useful if the past is like the future, but if changes are happening, it is a different story. On an individual level, the best we can do is project someone else's data onto you if he or she went through a similar change.

The big data presentation asserts making predictions about unfamiliar futures necessitates more than data. We need theory-driven models formulated with the help of digital tools.