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Dave Cieslewicz's Bicycle Talk Discusses the Equalizing Effect of Bikes

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his bicycle talk, Dave Cieslewicz positions the bicycle as a vehicle for social change. His speech begins with the history of the bicycle and how after the high-wheeled original came into being in 1890, the safety bicycle played an integral role when it came to a changing society.

Almost identical to the bike we know and use today, the safety bicycle played an important role when it came to the emancipation of women. Cycling offered a way for women to gain mobility, freedom and opportunities.This change in transportation technology changed society as the bicycle was an inexpensive mode of transportation and way to move up to the middle class for not just women, but ethnic minorities as well. It broke down prejudices in new ways.

Dave Cieslewicz also discusses the need for gender equity in cycling in his bicycle talk.