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Henry Evans Explains How Technology Helps in His Beneficial Drone Speech

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: r4h.org & youtube
At the tender age of 40, Henry Evans suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed, but this insightful beneficial drone speech teaches us how robots are enabling freedom to those who are otherwise bed-ridden.

Robots for Humanity was a project done with Chad Jenkins, and was developed to use his body as a surrogate. By creating simple head movements, which are then changed to cursive movements, he can operate drones at a near or far distance. This has allowed him to see possibilities for himself and those in similar circumstances. Using aerial drones, he expands the world of bed-ridden people through flight. The goal is for these robotics to unlock mental power and make life more accessible for people like Evans.

This speech shows what technology can provide for people in Henry's position; robotic software allows better ways for movement for the disabled. Bed-ridden people are able to explore the outside world and control it with their imagination.