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Barry Libert Discusses the Benefits of Sharing Ideas in a Competitive Market

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: barrylibert & youtube
Barry Libert is a social technology consultant who strongly believes in the power of group thinking and brainstorming as opposed to the hoarding of ideas. His speech highlights the values present in both competition and teamwork.

Discussing kinship in business markets, Barry Libert argues that businesses in the same field should act as sisters. While competition needs to be acknowledged, serious gains can be made form sharing ideas. Libert encourages acting small and thinking big, regardless of position and influence. In doing so, companies can avoid missing out on key moves and decisions from their larger and more successful counterparts. He reminds the audience that sharing ideas doesn't necessarily translate to revealing specific secrets or strategies, but it does motivate businesses to push themselves, leading to results from which everyone can benefit.