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Gary Strumolo's Auto Technology Speech Discusses Ford Devices

 - Jul 19, 2013
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Gary Strumolo's auto technology speech discusses the importance of safety focused auto technology. Strumolo is Ford's Global Manager for Interiors, who is responsible for in-car connectivity technologies, such as 'SYNC.'

Strumolo discusses devices that can allow drivers to answer important calls without using their hands, which allows consumers to keep their eyes on the road. All too often drivers become distracted, which can cause accidents. Strumolo discusses how it's important to make helpful devices that allow drivers to keep their attention on the road in front of them.

Strumolo believes that connectivity technologies are important in vehicles so long as they don't divert attention away from driving. While Strumolo does say that these technologies can't replace or match healthcare professionals in terms of medical emergencies, they can help people avoid the dangers of the road.