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The Jim Tanaka Autism Keynote Shows How Games Can Help the Disorder

 - Oct 21, 2012
References: web.uvic & youtube
This Jim Tanaka autism keynote speech gives the audience a better understanding of the disease and how interactive media can help treat the disorder. The way that people see and process faces is of massive importance, as it let's people understand people's identities and emotions. People with autism process this differently, and in many cases aren't able to remember the faces they see one day to the next.

This way of being can explain some of the troubles that these kids have. Tanaka believes if we can change this, it could be a great way to enhance their social and emotional abilities. He has developed tools to accommodate these thought processes. His team has developed a software program called CERT that helps to analyze facial expression in real time. This software has helped to develop new computer and learning games to assist children with autism.

This is an interesting keynote that shows how the use of games can help people with autism.