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Sally Hogshead's Authentic Branding Keynote Enhances Your Personal Worth

 - Sep 26, 2014
References: howtheworldseesyou & youtube
Innovative speaker and award-winning author Sally Hogshead's authentic branding keynote speaks to the ways individuals can tap into their personal value and worth in order to create better, stronger and more memorable interactions. This is ideal for building a diverse and communicative team environment.

Hogshead's recent novel, 'How the World Sees You,' explores ways individuals can unleash their existing potential to become more authentic by focusing on what makes them different. This will help individuals add value to their interactions in a corporate setting by focusing on what they can bring to a team that no one else can. Hogshead sites several genres of personality individuals can have including power, passion and mystique.

Hogshead raises the important point that "if you don't know your own value, don't expect anyone else to."