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Amishi Jha Discusses Our Brain's Information Processing Strategy

 - Jan 2, 2012
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Brain scientist Amishi Jha talks about the brain's attention system by exploring how we process information. There are too many things for the brain to process at one time and selection allows us to see what's important or relevant. This selection system is referred to as executive control. It ensures that our thoughts and feelings are in sync with our current goals. Jha describes attention as a similar system used to emphasize what we think is important. The scientist shares an analogy comparing a remote control to our mind. Individuals have the ability to think back (rewind) and plan ahead (fast forward).
Stress affects our attention while silence allows us to get involved and pay close attention to our surroundings. Amishi Jha puts emphasis on the benefits of mindfulness training for those experiencing a multitude of high-stress situations and scenarios.