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Alan Weisman Considers a Planet Free from the Damaging Effects of Societies

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: thelavinagency & youtube
Alan Weisman, an award-winning author and journalist, describes a scenario in which humans no longer populate the world. His speech asks people to imagine the world without humans and how this would change its landscape, appearance and availability of resources. In doing so, Alan Weisman provides a fresh perspective on the role humans have the power to play in preserving the planet. By envisioning a world free from the industrial pressures of humans, Alan Weisman demonstrates the extent to which humans today are depleting its resources and destroying its livelihood. His speech effectively leads audiences to reconsider their place in the world and the actions they can take to make it a better place. Alan Weisman's speech motivates the world's populations to find sustainable ways of living to preserve themselves and the planet.