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An Accomplishing Goals Keynote by Ben Huh Shows Softer Side of the Entrepreneur

 - Oct 26, 2012
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Ben Huh is the genius behind the hilarious 'Cheezburger Network' and his accomplishing goals keynote shows a much softer side of his personality. In a very emotional speech about the 19 debts or goals he set out for himself to achieve in life, he has to pause at one moment to compose himself.

An important theme of his list was related to having fun while accomplishing his goals. The 'fun' component of the list included things like graduate from college, learn how to sail, find the perfect woman and sell a company for a profit. what he discovered, however, was that accomplishing these things was much more challenging and emotional than he had ever imagined, but upon crossing various items off his list, he realized that that was the fun part.

His list included things that presented huge struggles for him, but rising to the challenge creates character and made him the person he is today.