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Anderson Cooper Addresses Grads in an Academically Comical Keynote

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: youtube
The academically comical keynote by Anderson Cooper, acclaimed CNN Anchor, takes on some of the more hilarious aspects of graduation, and, specifically challenges faced in New Orleans. His graduation speech at Tulane University for the class of 2010 came after the Katrina floods that affected this class's families, homes and lives forever.

While Cooper touches upon drunk students, good memories and hilarious anecdotes of his own and that many other students share with his classic wit and hilarity, Cooper also takes a moment to discuss real issues facing this graduating class. After the floods, the challenges and the ongoing economic crisis, the 2010 class of Tulane University is in a unique position. Cooper takes this with immense gravity and brings a lot of perspective to the graduating address that is sure to inspire.