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This Academic Keynote by James O’Brien Talks New Learn

 - Apr 15, 2013
References: schools.nyc.gov & poptech.org
In this academic keynote James O’Brien shares his ideas on how to better educate and prepare students for life in the 21st century.

James O’Brien founded Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School on the basis that children and teens today have access to every form of media and are usually on the cutting-edge; however they are also the most susceptible to being consumed by that media.

In this academic keynote James highlights the foundations in which BCAM was built on in hopes that it will inspire other educators will emulate. O’Brien focuses on three aspects of education he feels are the most cardinal aspects for success in the 21st century; academics, creative arts and professional development. O’Brien believes by supporting students in these areas they will build the skills they need to succeed in today's world.