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A New Perspective of History is Unveiled in this Aaron Huey Speech

 - May 7, 2012
References: aaronhuey & youtube
The Aaron Huey speech explores a topic that he feels is far too often overlooked and dismissed as being important and relevant in American society today. The freelance photographer, accompanied by powerful, candid and sometimes disturbing photos of which has taken himself, discusses the history of the Lakota people.

The Lakota people are a group of Native Americans who were forced from their lands in south Dakota and moved to prisoner camps. His speech shares a new perspective of these people's history -- one that cannot be read in American text books.

Beginning his speech by telling the audience that "they have lost, so we could gain," he presents a timeline that includes stories of treaties made, treaties broken and massacres that were disguised as battles by the American government and its officials.

His speech portrays America's history as one that is very unsettling. His speech is eye-opening and made ever more powerful and memorable with the addition of his beautiful, honest photography.