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From The Art of Copywriting to Corporate Writers

 - May 22, 2014
These writing presentations she light on a variety of topics related to writing including copywriting, creative writing, online journalism and even script writing. Showcasing a number of iconic writers and legendary journalists, this collection will equip readers and viewers with a bounty of tips to apply to their own writing -- casual or professional.

When it comes to applying a consistent formula for writing, Yann Martel -- the author of The Life of Pi -- does not believe in its existence. In order to develop one's writing and voice, it is important to digest as many types of genres, styles and topics to find inspiration.

Some of the most easily applicable advice comes to us from Hanne Arts, a 17-year-old writer. She encourages people to put time aside every single day to write. Even if they are experiencing writer's block, they should aim to write something -- even if it wouldn't be considered their best. She also makes note that it is important for readers to remember what types of readers they'r trying to reach.

Also included in these writing presentations is Jean Tang, a lawyer-turned-journalist. She shares her tips on how to make any brand's copywriting jump out to consumers.

These writing presentations are also packed with insightful observations on the current state of journalism in the world today.