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From Successfully Executing Ideas to Making Play into Work

 - Apr 12, 2014
Leaders, managers, employers, employees and even students are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity -- both at a personal and professional level. The productivity of a company as a whole can play a huge role in its short-term and long-term success. With so many distractions on the Internet and in open concept offices, it is easy to get distracted and off task. These speeches offer tips to help teams and individuals make the most of their time.

Nicole Steinbok's speech points out how much time is wasted throughout a day's agenda. When employees gather for meetings, go to the washroom or forgot something -- all of these things take time that eventually adds up. She suggests planning to arrive to meetings early so that when the meeting actually starts, time won't be wasted on waiting for the last people to arrive or outlining the meeting's purpose. Any pre-planning that can be done will immediately impact productivity in a positive way.

The speech by Charles Duhigg outlines the benefits of allowing employees to go on Facebook or other websites typically associated with procrastination and distraction. He believes that allotting five minutes of every hour to allow employees to surf the web or to go get a coffee will actually make them more productive because their attention will not be divided and they won't feel like they are being denied something.

Atul Gawande's advice to increase productivity is very simple; he argues in favor of the checklist. While this method is astonishingly simple, it is also extremely effective.

These are just a few of the ways to increase productivity amongst these highly informative and useful speeches.