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From Making Mistakes on Purpose to Insight From Fear

 - Jun 28, 2013
The speakers featured here offer different ways to get inspired both in one's professional and personal life. With so much noise and clutter in the world today, it can be difficult to find the inspiration for projects and the motivation to see them through to the end. These speeches aim to offer advice and stories from professionals in a wide range of industries for knowing where to look for inspiration and what to do with it.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche believes that chaos and uncertainty are the ideal conditions for finding the inspiration to innovate. His keynotes share the exciting stories of some of the world's most successful businesses that were founded during the Great Depression. He demonstrates how businesses can leverage chaos to reorganize and restructure.

Alternatively, laziness and convenience were the driving forces behind Ludwick Marishane's innovation. Being too lazy to interrupt his day to take a shower, Marishane developed the world's first ever lotion with effective cleaning and disinfecting properties. This product, called DryBath, enables people suffering from an eye infection called trachoma, to clean their faces even without access to water.

The number of ways to get inspired will only continue to grow as people continue to innovate in their respective industries.