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From Thinking Big and Acting Small to The Problem with Rewards

 - Aug 7, 2012
This collection of videos discussing ways to foster productivity highlights the common misconception that an efficient workforce relies on productive individuals. As the executive CEOs, world-class leaders and experts reveal throughout these keynote presentations, a variety of factors and variables influence the overall productivity of a team.

Former speechwriter for Al Gore Daniel Pink explains how businesses with incentive programs can actually end up hindering productivity levels of employees because they develop a narrow focus on work and tasks at hand.

Other speakers such as John Cassis emphasize the importance of recognizing change. Denying change -- whether it be a change in the economy or consumer preferences -- can be harmful to the productivity of a team. Teams constantly need to work to adapt to changing consumer needs and market patterns.

Speakers such as Derek Sivers and Dr. Matt Paese assert that the productivity of a team relies on leadership techniques. Not only should leaders set an example, but they should also encourage employees to push themselves to reach their full potential, by listening to their ideas and being open to change.

This collection of ways to foster productivity demonstrates the non-linear characteristics of efficiency in the modern business world.