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From Relations with Strangers to Communication as Translation

 - Dec 14, 2013
There are effective ways to communicate with coworkers and there are ways that can bring the flow of ideas to an abrupt halt. These curated speeches explore different approaches one can take when trying to get a message across.

Mike Mandel is a psychotherapist as well as a hypnotist and his speech discusses the harm the two words "do not" can cause in a situation. He asks his audience to think about a time when they were kids and were told "Don't spill the milk." As he points out, the milk would typically be spilled shortly after. He brings this up because he believes that telling people what not to do will actually have an unconscious effect wherein they will actually end up doing that very action. Instead, he suggests focusing on what you want people to do. Instead of telling someone not to do something, they should be told what is wanted of them.

The speech by Sally Hogshead pushes for using communication as a tool for fascinating people. She reveals that today's attention span is only nine seconds long meaning that no one has that long to capture someone's attention, so the words chosen must appeal to someone's values or vices.

These speeches all offer unique approaches and ways to communicate with people both in and outside the office.