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From Consumer-Based Authority to Smartphone Marketing

 - Aug 19, 2012
This collection of videos spotlights a variety of experts, professionals and industry leaders who truly understand the extent to which social media empowers consumers in the world today. Social media not only allows individuals to access massive amounts of information about products, brands and the market, it also allows consumers to express their preferences, concerns, complains or ideas.

This flow of information and communication puts consumers in the driving seat because it provides them the opportunity to speak one-on-one with brands about their products and services. It also means that brands are held accountable to what consumers are saying, especially because this information is projected into the public.

As Jeremy Gutsche, the founder and CEO of explains, social media offers businesses the opportunity to discover the exact preferences of consumers, making it easier for them to tailor products and services to match.

Bruce Philp believes that consumers should continue to make themselves heard on online forums because it holds corporations accountable and competitive.

Social media is also an effective means for consumers to receive the highest level of customer service that exists. While it is common for a phone call to get dropped or put on hold for hours, a tweet on Twitter can be sent instantaneously and read by millions. If brands and large corporations want to maintain a loyal and happy clientele, they have no other choice but to respond to messages sent and received over social media.

This collection of ways social media empowers consumers spotlights a new type of marketing and customer service, through which customers can have their voices heard.