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From Online Consumer Engagement to Technology Ecosystems

 - Nov 22, 2012
From advertising to branding strategy and consumer engagement, there are a variety of ways smartphones transform business in the world today. Not only do smartphones provide consumers with the means to access any information they want -- be it about a brand, its products or its competitors -- but the content being accessed is actually influencing their decisions to purchase or engage.

Google's Eric Schmidt discusses the shift in advertising from traditional mediums to mobile phones. The world is entering a period characterized by more people using smartphones over desktops. This means they'll be looking for information on their phones and advertisers will be the ones who want to provide in. Advertising will be adapting to provide all brand strategies in a mobile setting.

Larry Solomon, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Communications at AT&T, Inc. explains how Cloud computing defines the future and apps on mobile phones will be designed to complement the preferences of consumers. This translates to all brands creating apps to be used by their consumers.

From creating a new brand strategy to providing access to different groups of consumers, the ways smartphones transform business continue to evolve.