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From the Effects of Plastic Pollution to Recycling Garbage

 - Nov 16, 2013
The debates surrounding the water crisis continue to move to the forefront of political and international agendas. The speakers featured here shed light on the issues at hand, the work currently being done and what it all could mean for the future.

The speech by Shalini Kantayya begins with the speaker sharing the staggering statistic that by the year 2027, two thirds of the world's citizens (four billion people) will not have adequate access to clean water. Her speech loudly illustrates that this is not only an issue about the environment, but of human rights as well.

Chris Jordan approaches the topic of pollution in the world's oceans in his eye-opening speech. As of every hour, 2.4 million pieces of plastic enter the ocean. He warns the audience of its effects by sharing the photographs he took at 'Midway Island,' an extremely remote island. Dead birds are photographed revealing pieces of plastics inside their stomachs. His speech is an immediate wake-up to the severity of the water crisis.

Sameer Kalwani is a young entrepreneur who has found a way to both help his community in India and sell clean water. Instead of water going through India's water plants, he uses machines that monitor water quality more effectively.

These speeches on the water crisis offer great insight and statistics on a topic that demands more attention from everyone.