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These Keynotes Explore the Value of Simplicity

 - Dec 6, 2013
The value of simplicity in the world today is often overlooked. Many people in different fields of business believe that the more complex something is, the better it will be. Additionally, many search for complex solutions to problems, when really, a simple solution is more often than not right there. These speeches explore the ways simplicity is actually a much more efficient method to use when trying to innovate or solve a problem.

Grant Blakeman's speech suggests that we should all adopt a more simple mentality for every area of our life. He believes that today's abundance of choices is overwhelming for consumers, which ultimately results in them buying products they aren't satisfied with.

The speech by Arvind Gupta is extremely inspiring as it shows the ways pieces of trash and discarded materials in India are being used to build educational toys for children.

Dan Lyons's talk explains how Apple's core strategy was simplicity. Steve Jobs created a very short list of products. He believed that having too many products would take away from their ability to inspire consumers. By having a smaller roster of products, Jobs was able to focus much more attention on each one.

The value of simplicity in many cases -- like for Steve Jobs -- can translate to unparalleled success.