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From Infectious Marketing to the Foundations of Online Branding

 - Jan 11, 2013
CEOs, business managers and advertisers are constantly striving to uncover unique marketing strategies to take their brand to the next level and to become more competitive. These speeches feature a variety of today's top business leaders and CEOs who truly understand what it means to capture a consumer audience and create a loyal clientele.

CEO and founder of, the world's largest trend spotting website that recently hit one billion views, Jeremy Gutsche believes "relentlessly obsessing" about one's story is the most strategic way to take a brand, its message or its product viral.

Other notable speakers featured here include world-renown advertising expert Rory Sutherland who frames value as being entirely subjective to the individual. A variety of Google's executives like Eric Schmidt discusses the increasing importance and relevance of unique marketing strategies exclusively for mobile devices.

From social media marketing tactics to unusual advertising approaches, this collection of speeches offers insight and tops from top professionals.