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From Exploiting Chaos to the Sounds of Success

 - Jul 27, 2014
This collection of speeches offers a variety of unconventional and unexpected business advice. Many of the tips featured here go against conventional business practices, but in today's world, professionals can benefit from getting outside their comfort zone and into a mindset that welcomes experimentation and tolerates failure.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche suggests that periods of chaos and what appear to be destruction for a company should be embraced and viewed as an opportunity to implement positive change. Whereas many experts would advise businesses to turn and run from an unpredictable situation, Gutsche believes that facing it head on is the smartest decision because of the lessons a team will learn and the resilience it will build.

Jason Fried argues that businesses need to discontinue holding meetings in office. He believes that meetings and emails are killing productivity. He proposes that businesses have one day a week during which they don't speak. He argues that people will be able to get much more accomplished and display more creativity.

Possibly the most unexpected business advice comes from Dan Pink who believes that rewards and incentives for employees don't actually work and should not be incorporated into an office's culture. He believes that people become too focused on what awaits them and do not pay enough attention, care or diligence to the task at hand.

This unexpected business advice may not work every work environment but the tips are certainly something to consider in today's fast-paced world.