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From Positive Stress Perspectives to Reacting to Change

 - Aug 12, 2014
Following your gut and trusting your instinct in business is advice that not everyone is willing to defend. There are those who argue trusting their instinct has resulted in their career success, but there are also others who argue in favor of rationality. These speeches explore some of these opinions.

David Ropeik is a firm believer that people need to place the facts before their feelings when making any decision. He believes that people can be deceived by their emotions, which can result in poor choices being made.

Alternatively, Warren Littlefield advises people -- specifically youth -- to follow their gut feelings and passion. For him, it is all about pursuing the things that get you excited. Following something rational or practical doesn't always conjure up feelings of excitement or motivation.

Paul Craven's speech explains how investors will ignore their gut and emotions in lieu of following what other people are doing (what's known as the herd effect in psychology).

Whether or not you are someone who believes in trusting your instinct or who prefers laying out the facts, these speeches offer insightful information.