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From Agile Education Systems to Education as Restoration

 - Feb 7, 2013
This collection of transformative education keynotes demonstrates two things: first, it summarizes the popular idea that educations systems today aren't benefiting students and second, it shows how customized and tailored education has the power to transform an individual's life and change the world.

One of most iconic education innovation keynote speakers in the world, Sir Ken Robinson, believes that today's education systems needs to be completely made over. They need to be structured in a way that encourages and fosters creativity. He suggests that the world is experiencing a human resource crisis and a lack of creative minds.

Other speakers featured here such as Rafe Esquith and Bill Gates envision an education system that serves a greater purpose. Esquith sees the classroom as a place to educate as well as a place to build character, confidence and morale. Gates believes that solving the world's problems like climate change and starvation relies on an education global population.

These speeches offer breakthrough ideas and theories concerning education and where it can take the world's future generations.